Diagnosis of chronic diseases and their causes

  1. Allergy, asthma, eczema and food intolerances
  2. Atherosclerosis, cholesterol (homocysteine and obesity)
  3. Chronic fatigue / Sleep disturbances
  4. Depression
  5. Joint pain and rheumatism
  6. Hair loss
  7. Herpes simplex cold sores; Herpes zoster
  8. Heart rhythm disturbances / Hypotension (low blood pressure)
  9. Hormonal disorders / infertility / male menopause
  10. Incontinence, dribbing, enuresis, nocturia (the need to get up in the night to urinate)
  11. Chronic diseases in children
  12. Migraine and headache
  13. Multiple Sclerosis / Nerve / restlesss legs syndrome (RLS), the new therapy
  14. Fungal diseases, chronic / internal diseases
  15. Tinnitus
  16. Heavy metal legacies, Mercury, Palladium
  17. Dry eye syndrome
  18. Cancer

Allergy, asthma, eczema and food intolerances

Over 40% of the population suffer from allergic reactions such as Eczema, Hay fever, Asthma, Eczema, Food intolerances, Contact allergies, Intolerance to medication or Dry Eye.
Possible Allergy Therapies
As a first step, we recommend the removal of all amalgam tooth fillings. These can be substituted with palladium free materials in order to prevent further allergies. The best alternative filling material is precious metal (75-90% gold content). Other recommended materials include Ceramic or glass ceramicand synthetic materials such as plastic containing ceramic particles.

Other sources of allergies are environmental hazards or infectious contaminents, from tooth decay, harmful intestinal bacteria and many others. In the normal course of events, the presence of allergies is tested for using "Bioelectronic Function Diagnosis". However, electro acupuncture using the Voll method (EAV) is well suited to exactly diagnosing allergies and identifying their sources. It is capable of registering environmental contaminations and numerous chronic stresses arising from old illnesses. With the aid of the EAV medication test, a specific Nosoden or homeopathic remedy can be accurately calculated.

Changing Eating Habits
Adjustment of diet is also a part of allergy therapy. Ensuring an adequate supply of vitamins (especially A&E), minerals ( especially iron, magnesium, iodine, copper and zinc) and enzymes, activates the body’s resistance and strengthens the immune system.

Atherosclerosis, cholesterol (homocysteine and obesity)

So far, 121 patients were included in the MIAR-case collection.
In 62 there was a slight or significant regression of atherosclerosis by ultrasound and often a symptom showed improvement in varying degrees.

Arteriosclerosis no longer belongs to the only surgically treatable diseases. On the basis of 20 years of experience with sub-chronic infections in the EAV testing, the measured lack of micronutrients and the herbal medicine as Schizandra, pomegranate and SOD, is a well-tolerated combination therapy. This interim report for up to one year of treatment in the 62 patients showing successful on the long-term prospects for new agents.
Without EAV or other tests I suggest the following simplified scheme before:

  1. Enzymes, Colostrum, Boswelia and zinc can be widely used anti-inflammatory.
  2. Cardivital 3x1 (Deficiency Lowers homocysteine), flax oil, 2x1,
  3. Schizandra 3x1, 2x1 pomegranate, (fairvital)

After three months of therapy exchange with other phytotherapy agents possible.

Schizandra (Wu Wei Zi)

Chronic fatigue / Sleep disturbances

The everyday stresses experienced in modern life through work, family and leisure seem, in many people, to result in sleep deficiency leading to chronic tiredness or exhaustion. A healthy body requires a minimum of 7-8 hours sleep a day.

Our EAV tests have shown that chronic tiredness, exhaustion and sleep disorders often result from the same causal factors. The body is chronically tired and exhausted because the nervous system is overloaded. The liver, kidneys and intestines are chronically stressed. Overstressed joints and muscles give pain and the hormonal system is disturbed and on top of that, there are the environmental stresses and food intolerances to which the body is now exposed more than ever before.

Difficulties in achieving or maintaining sleep and a feeling of being overwrought result from an overstressed nervous system. EAV can be applied to identify viruses and bacterial and environmental toxins, whilst emotional stresses can be detected by Quantec analysis. Where a stressed nervous system is identified as the dominant cause of an illness, a combination therapy consisting of Nosoden, homeopathic and herbal remedies is appropriate.

Where chronic tiredness is identified as resulting from a liver disorder, the EAV test reveals this conspicuously and a therapy using herbal remedies can help. This treatment is specifically aimed at the causes which EAV can identify as being viral or bacterial infections, parasites, fungus or chemical toxins. The herbal therapy using Multiplasan mineral complex 17 has proven successful and is usually, well tolerated. Liver problems are often inconspicuous to blood tests, although a fatty liver is often visible to ultrasound.

Subliminal, subchronical infections from cytomegalie virus, Epstein Barr virus and bacterium proteus arise commonly in this combination and are treated with Nosoden.

Chronic tiredness can also arise from kidney disorders. This is indicated by the need to urinate during the night (Nocturia), hair loss, high blood pressure, fears and edema. A herbal remedy can help in this situation and we often treat chronic kidney disorder with Multiplasan mineral complex 33 which achieves good results. It is also common to discover the presence of heavy metals and the toxic remnants of Streptococci.
Where chronic tiredness in adults is based on food intolerance, it is often associated with excema, flatulence or "dry eye" and in the case of children, hyperactivity. A course of Okoubaka is used as a treatment for bowel fungus and to rebalance zinc deficiency.
In some, rare cases hormonal disorders such as overactive thyroid or menstruation, can overstress the body so severely that chronic tiredness and exhaustion results. In such exceptional cases the EAV test is especially suitable, providing, as it does, a specific individual determination of naturopathic therapy and identifying the optimum remedies for treatment.

EAV is appropriate in cases of chronic tiredness where the cause can be treated by a individual therapy. In cases of environmental stresses, harmful intestinal bacteria or joint pain etc., it would be inadmissable to generalize and diagnose or prescribe medication based on experience, as personal and/or social factors also need to be considered.

Chronic fatigue / Sleep disturbances

Many adults are subject to several depressive phases, in the form of "life crises". These can vary in terms of duration and intensity. Nowadays, depression is a common and wide spread, chronic illness suffered particularly by big city dwellers. Signs of depression are dejection, lack of drive, sleep disorders, apathy, guilt, pessimism amongst others. The psychological symptoms are often accompanied by physical complaints. Depressive mood changes can be treated and can disappear in 6-8 weeks.
Depressive episodes can arise from many causes: mental overload (stress), shock, trauma or emotional stress. In addition, they may result from chronic organ defects, often the liver or intestine or hormonal changes. Lifestyle and diet can also cause depressive illnesses. A diet lacking in vitamins, minerals and trace elements, lack of exercise or disruptions in the personal "Life plan" are all potential factors. It is also possible that a depression is chemically induced – for example as a side effect from the birth control pill, cortisone or medication for high blood pressure.

TimeWaver or EAV can be applied to test for possible causes of depression. Following the base test, the practitioner would conduct a lengthy interview with the patient covering all current, personal issues and, thereby, establishing, in conjunction with the patient a diagnosis of the causes fo the depression. Often, problems with the so called excretory organs: kidneys, liver and bowel are uncovered or heart and nervous system disturbances revealed.

Endogenous or Exogenous Cause of Depression
Endogenous and Exogenous forms of depression are distinguished by their relative causes. In the case of endogenous depression, no external causes can be identified and scientific researches indicate that it is often hereditary and that it can appear and disappear from one day to the next.Treatment for endogenous depression is normally a lengthy process and in severe cases can only be treated with the aid of chemical anti-depressants. High potency homeopathic remedies can be used in a supportive role.

Exogenous depression arises from difficulties experienced innormal living. For example, disappointments, insults or failures. Minor exogenous depressions will disappear once the sufferer has had time to process, evaluate and "work through" the causes and not simply repress them.

"Recognise the Cause of an Illness"
"………and it’s potential for self-development". This sentence, in many ways, represents the holistic approach which is applied in Naturopathy. The Naturopath strives to help the patient to restore balance in order to overcome the depression. The patient must himself recognise that the depression offers an opportunity for personal development in respect of maturity of personality. The practitioner guides and supports the patient to rediscover the key to restore the powers of self-healing.

The holistic philosophy of Naturopathy maintains that, in a healthy person, a harmony exists between body, mind and spirit. When this harmonic triangle is, in any way, disturbed, we can no longer expect to remain healthy. The interaction between body, mind and spirit has effects in all illnesses, but especially in depressive illnesses. Depressions develop during bodily disturbances created by emotional stress or the overtaxing of the mind and are often accompanied by sleeping disorders or concentration difficulties.
In many cases the depression can be viewed as a "life crisis" which represents a challenge to reconsider the nature and content of one’s life. If this challenge can be viewed, by the patient, as a positive signal it can represent an opportunity for re-orientation of values and lifestyle.

Combinaton Therapy Programme for Depression
Amongst the medicinal herbs St. John’s Wort is the principal, traditional remedy for the treatment of depression. It is well known that St. John’s Wort contains mood enhancing substances, and unlike chemical anti-depressants, it is not addictive. For nervousness, sleep disorders and headaches Valerian with it’s soothing cramp reducing and blood pressure reducing effects, can be used. This also heightens concentration. Homeopathic remedies can also be applied, dependant upon the nature of the individual depression. Combination therapies are a sensible approach. Therapeutic exercise , in itself anti-depressive, is recommended as an additional Naturopathic measure. Using EAV testing the practitioner can establish, on a specific individual basis whether a diet or detoxification therapy is required, which herbal or homeopathic remedies are needed or which vitamins or mineral supplements are appropriate. EAV can also identify the correct combination of Bach flower remedies should be prescribed to restore vitality.
In order to fully restore and strengthen vitality, we offer our patients a dialogue therapy, including solution and affirmation trials as well as regular TimeWaver tests. We also possess a number of therapy devices which can be hired by our patients for use at home e.g.: Aculife accupuncture,Chinese Energy Lamp and Therapeutic exercise therapy.

Joint pain and rheumatism

Pains, swellings and redness in one or more joints can be symptomatic of rheumatism. These are often not recognised as such by conventional medical practitioners and diagnosed as being signs of old age, hereditary complaints, hypochondria or psychologically induced; leading to delay in and prolongation of the treatment. Further, additional damage can result - cartilage damage, premature wear and tear and the resultant stiffening of joints can arise. Surgery on the joints can lead to the risk of chronic arthritis. A patient who, at the outset, suffered relatively minor pains can become chronically afflicted.

Joint inflammation is usually caused by sub – chronic infections, unrecognised as symptoms, because the pathogenic toxins spread to the joints from other inflamed areas which present with few symptoms. In an advanced situation, these pathogens can spread from their original locations to inflict serious damage to the heart and kidneys.

Those suffering from joint pains and rheumatism should undergo Naturopathic treatment. Lasting improvement is possible through the use of individually prescribed Homeopathy, Nosoden, Herbal Therapy (e.g. Arnica), Fever Therapy, Orthomolecular Therapy (providing vitamins and trace elements) or Acupuncture. A combined therapy is advisable. Diet therapy (especially raw vegetables) and therapeutic exercise are used as supportive measures to preserve mobility and vitality in the whole body. Antacid therapy, as described in 4.6 is also essential.

The causes of rheumatism are not fully explained in conventional medicine. Chronic overstraining and a variety of deposits in bodily tissues can be detected by EAV testing as possible causal factors which, untreated, can lead to auto immune disorders. Our studies in Marburg indicate the potential for treating chronically ill "joint patients", the source of whose complaint is unclear. Precise diagnosis using EAV and Quantec analysis forms the basis of the therapy. Evaluation of our case studies indicates good potential for helping patients, long term, using detoxification therapy and classic acupuncture (see Chapter 8).

Hair loss

Often a kidney problem
The structure and growth of hair dependants upon a sufficient supply of vitamins. Hair loss can be caused by Vitamin B (and zinc) deficiency. An inadequate supply of Vitamin A, Beta-Carotin or Vitamin B5 causes hair to lose its gloss and become brittle. Vitamin C stimulates hair growth and Vitamin B5 retains water in the hair preventing brittleness and maintaining glossiness. Whilst our readings often indicate zinc deficiency, a deficiency of Biotin (Vitamin H) is relatively rare.

Hair loss is of major interest to us and we have, therefore, carried out a study, over a number of years, in which over 200 people with slight, severely diffused and circular hair loss have participated. Using the computer supported EAV diagnosis system, we tested the combinations of causes of hair loss at a specific acupuncture point (Kidney 1d), producing astonishing results. Frequent incidences of sub-chronic and toxic kidney stresses were detected, emanating from bacteria, viruses or heavy metal contamination. These, however, produce few symptoms and are, therefore, not registered by laboratory analysis. As well as the heavy metal contaminants other, more conspicuous chemical toxins were detected. In very rare cases hair loss was caused by hormonal disorders and in such cases only naturally occuring hormones, such as those from the root of the Yam should be prescribed. The main culprits are vitamin and trace element deficiencies.
Loss of hair through hormonal disorders should be treated with herbal remedies. In the more common cases of vitamin and trace element deficiency Orthomolecular Therapy comes into play: The supplies of B vitamins, zinc and selenium are reinforced with the use of supplements. Alongside this base therapy, a diet rich in vitamins and raw foods is advisable. Hair loss due to sub-chronic viral or bacterial kidney infection, chemical toxins or heavy metal contamination can be treated with detoxification therapy. Long term avoidance of the causes is part of the therapy programme, which when combined with individually prescribed remedies can show an improvement in hair growth after several weeks.

In the event of total hair loss the patient must be prepared to work in cooperation with the therapist over a period of several months. Experience indicates that even in these cases there is still cause for optimism.

Herpes simplex cold sores; Herpes zoster

Chronic Herpes lip blisters usually occur in conjunction with other infections, in stress situations or throughexposure to the sun. If therapy is started early enough they can be chemically suppressed.
This sub-chronic infection "lurks" in the nervous system and can reveal itself in cases of nasal area infections. In rare cases internal organs such as the liver or the brain can be affected. One 55 year old patient proved a serious case.
Over a period of seven years she had suffered recurring herpes infections on the cornea of her left eye which were accompanied by severe pain. Bed rest and the application of cortisone cream was required every two weeks. Nosoden therapy using Herpes Simplex (in the form of globuli and ampoules) as well as accompanying remedies was undertaken over a period of nine months. However, she has been free of this "incurable" illness for the last five years.

Shingles is the result of a secondary infection from the chickenpox virus (Herpes zoster). Following an attack of shingles many patients are left with chronic residual complaints. In many cases these could be treated with combinations of Nosoden and homeopathic remedies.

Heart rhythm disturbances / Hypotension (low blood pressure)

Electrocardiography or pulse taking are the methods applied, by conventional medicine in detecting Arhythmia. However, these do not provide any information about the cause or combination of causes of the condition.

EAV is the basis for our Naturopathic diagnosis by which 1200 acupuncture points are measured. Each organ can be individually tested to evaluate levels of stresses and sources of illness located. When testing in the case of Arhythmia, the EAV test commences at a particular point on the heart meridian, the "plexus cardiacus", the nerve through which the brain regulates the heartbeat. When the heart’s rhythm is disturbed the nerve itself is also disturbed, so in the case of Arhythmia the reading on the EAV measuring scale will be 70 – 90 microamperes. Instability is indicated by movement of the indicator needle. A healthy person with a normal heart rhythm would register 50 – 70 microamperes on the EAV equipment’s scale.

A stressed heart nerve can be identified from an irregular heart beat and can represent a multitude of disruptive elements. The main elements, which can chronically damage the heart nerve, are the flu virus "Coxsackie", the bacterial toxin"streptococci" and other subchronic infections or chemical hazards. Our research suggests that the flu viruses are the most common cause of stress to the heart nerve. Next come streptococci bacteria which can, indirectly, severely damage the heart. Firstly by attacking other organs such as sinuses, tonsils or kidneys, subsequently becoming a latent cause of illnesses which can lead to a constant stress on the heart nerve. Streptococci infections can present so few symptoms that the patient is barely aware of the infection. However, they are so resistant that even treatment with antibiotics cannot always totally eliminate them. Streptococci infections , as well as being a factor in Arhythmia, are also responsible for 80% of cases of high blood pressure. Amongst other infections which can cause Arhythmia are: Herpes Simplex virus, Borrelia toxin, Epstein – Barr virus; which in high concentration can be dangerous for heart and body. Certain chemical hazards such as wood preservers, plastics softeners, oil based paints etc. can also produce irregular heartbeat. Peripheral factors leading to heart disease are psychological stresses and scar tissue, which in conjunction with up to 15 other factors can create serious disturbances to the heart nerve. The contribution of bowel and joint complaints also play a part, inasmuch as they have an indirect effect on the whole body and can hinder recovery.
Naturopathy can offer excellent therapies for the treatment of Arhythmia. In the cases of viral or bacterial infection coxsackie virus, or streptococci bacteria or other infections, a cure can be effected with a "homeopathic vaccination" using Nosodes therapy. In the case of Streptococci infection causing the heart nerve strain, a streptococci dilution of 1:10000 (D4) is produced and administered daily in tablet form. Such a Nosodes therapy lasts for between 6 and 12 weeks during which the production of anti-bodies is mobilised, resulting in the curing of the infection. Through this activation of the body’s self-healing properties the body is able to detoxify itself. In the event of severe damage to the heart, herbal remedies can be used to support the Nosode therapy. To strengthen the heart we often use "Plexus Cardiacus", as produced by the Wala company, "Quabainnt" or "Crategus". As a general practice, we recommend a bowel "overhaul" to rule out any indirect strains in heart patients. In this respect, Orthomolecular therapy can contribute to the successful cure of Arhythmia by strengthening the immune system against such strains, providing trace elements such as zinc and selenium or Vitamin B complex.

Through Nosoden therapy, the "homeopathic vaccination" we have achieved a remarkably high degree of success in treating arrhythmia patients. In more than 80% of cases the patients were permanently cured after 6-9 months of treatment. This figure includes those patients who had suffered Arhythmia for 5 to 10 years. Frequently, these patients had approached us for what were entirely different reasons but following thorough diagnosis with EAV positive indications for Arhythmia were discovered and successfully treated with Nosoden therapy.

We can authoritatively state that many people carry latent illnesses without being aware of them. We feel, therefore, that it essential to uncover all possible potential hazards accumulated over the years by thorough examination with EAV. Once having been recognised, these hazards can be eliminated one by one, achieving the main priority, the relief of the immune system.

Hormonal disorders / infertility / male menopause

Agnus castus – Monk’s Pepper
The various changes in the female cycle can occur at all ages and extend up to the menopause. Complaints caused by hormonal imbalance during menstruation usually commence 10 days before bleeding begins.The main symptoms are: painful tight breasts, a feeling of fullness, constipation, headaches, sensitivity to touch, nervousness and depression. In addition to psychological stresses, Naturopathic diagnosis often reveals heavy metal contamination, viruses, bacteria and fungal or parasitic toxins all of which can be eliminated through the use of Nosoden, Ovarian or mammarian cysts can also be treated with Nosoden therapy. Herbal or homeopathic remedies can be given for pain relief and individually prescribed organ strengthening substances can be used as supportive measures for the therapy. "Agnus castus" (Monk’s Pepper) or "Cimicifuga Racemosa" (Rattle Root) are well proven, successful remedies. To strengthen the organs, "Ovarium" or "Thymus" are recommended.
We often treat also with Wild Yams, for better progesterone level. (fairvital)

The EAV diagnostic test examines the body’s vitamin and mineral levels and if, for example a magnesium deficiency is discovered it can be promptly treated to ease painful bleeding. The EAV is also the basis for the detoxification therapy and in hormonally related menstruation problems the hormonal imbalance can be corrected using Phytotherapy, Orthomolecular therapy or Nosoden therapy. In the case of Progestagen imbalance a herbal remedy, Agnus castus (Monk’s Pepper) or WildYams is used to restore balance.
The prescription of Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxin), Folic Acid and Zinc, all of which are essential for the production of pancreatic and sexual hormones, can support a detoxification therapy aimed at removing heavy metals such as mercury, arsenic, copper, lead and cadmium. Nosodes enable the therapist to treat specific chronic stresses. For example, Chlamydia on the ovaries can be treated with Chlamydia D4 and in cases of heavy bleeding Calcium Carbonicum D6 and D12 are used. In the event of physical strain, an overstrained nervous system or irregular bleeding Cimicifuga D4 and D6 are prescribed.
Scentific studies indicate that Naturopathic therapies such as homeopathy and the elimination of environmental toxins, the hormonal system can be readjusted and the desire to have children does not, in all cases, need to remain unfulfilled.
Disorders of the Thyroid Gland are usually related to hormonal disorders. In cases such as goitre (struma), overactive (hyperactive thyroid) or autoimmune syndrome (Hashimoto thyroid disorder), the EAV or TimeWaver analyses often indicate chronic stresses caused by viruses or other factors including mineral deficiencies (iodine, zinc or selenium). These factors can be individually tested via the acupuncture points related to the thyroid gland. In the event of advanced cell damage due to autoantbodies, a hormone deficiency will be identified and this can be easily compensated for. The necessary medication produces only minimal side effects and can produce long term improvement.

Thyroid Gland Disorders
Disorders of the Thyroid Gland are usually related to hormonal disorders. In cases such as goitre (struma), overactive (hyperactive thyroid) or autoimmune syndrome (Hashimoto thyroid disorder), the EAV or TimeWaver analyses often indicate chronic stresses caused by viruses or other factors including mineral deficiencies (iodine, zinc or selenium). These factors can be individually tested via the acupuncture points related to the thyroid gland. In the event of advanced cell damage due to autoantbodies, a hormone deficiency will be identified and this can be easily compensated for. The necessary medication produces only minimal side effects and can produce long term improvement.

Hormonal Imbalance in Men
A hormone deficiency in men under 50 years old is rare, but can develop from professional stress or chronic toxin exposure. A loss in libido and/or erection problems are not usually caused by hormone production disorders, but rather through localised stresses on the prostate, urinary tract, the lymphatic system or blood vessels. These can be treated with Nosoden or herbal remedies.

EAV can identify and measure the cause of hormonal imbalances and provide a specific Naturopathic treatment which wil improve the hormone levels and successfully eliminate the problem.
We often treat also with Wild Yams, for better progesterone level. (fairvital)

Diseases of the Prostate
When the prostate is increasingly enlarged by benign Adenome or by prostate carcinoma, underlying problems develop in the urinary tract caused by bacterial, fungal or other infection. For example: chlamydia, candida or mucorracemosus fungus. These can be treated by Nosodenscombined with organ preparations. Herbal remedies such as Sage Palm or homeopathic remedies (normally in low potencies) can be used as additional medications. Additional we often give Wild Yams, ProstaMetto, selen, zinc, enzymes, boswelia

In the event of a tumour or suspected tumour Electro Carcinoma Therapy (ECT – see Chapter 7.2) should be considered as this can produce encouraging results. As in any sickness, complementary, conventional medical check-ups are advisable.

Incontinence, dribbing, enuresis, nocturia (the need to get up in the night to urinate)

Those who lose the ability to control urine flow are constantly insecure. The chronic illness of urinary dripping or bed wetting is classified in medical terminology as incontinence. Kidney and bladder weaknesses, which are connected with a weakened immune system can lead to uncontrolled dripping (incontinence).

A specific case of incontinence is Nocturia which occurs in both children and adults and is the urge to urinate during the night. It can arise from various causes. When incontinence or Nocturia is diagnosed several sources of stress and disturbance need to be examined. Beside subchronical infections from viruses, bacteria, parasites or fungus; environmental factors: toxins, allergies, food intolerance psychological or physical stress can be responsible.

Naturopathic practitioners proceed on the assumption that the original source of an illness does not necessarily arise from the organ presenting the symptoms. Conventional medical practitioners fail to make the connection between the original source and the diagnosed disease. The originally affected organ remains untreated as laboratory tests indicate no conspicuous signs of disease in that location.

Naturopathic practitioners adopt an entirely different approach to both diagnosis and therapy. When using EAV diagnosis in the case of incontinence, infections can be detected at the kidney or bladder acupuncture points When testing for Nocturia, subliminal, light infections connected with other stress factors such as fungal, viral, bacterial and parasitic infections and other toxins are discovered. Such infections can be surprisingly well treated using Nosoden, homeopathic remedies, enzymes, organ preparations or often zinc.

Chronic diseases in children

Over the last few years there has been an explosive increase in chronic illnesses in children. From Neurodermatitis and other skin problems to chronic infections and allergies to diseased sinuses, tonsils and bronchii. Illnesses in children sometimes result from a deficiency of zinc, a problem which can easily be overcome using zinc supplements. Zinc is an essential trace element because it binds heavy metals and mobilises the immune system. Over the past seven years we have evaluated 240 EAV tests conducted on children and teenagers: 1 - 4, 5 -12 and 13 –18 years old. The results indicate that many of our young patients show chronic symptoms and record conspicuous readings in EAV testing indicating immune system stresses arising from mercury contamination. Specifically in the areas of sinuses, tonsils and bronchi. Slight or medium stresses from amalgam were detected in children with chronic infections and allergies although they, themselves had no amalgam fillings in their teeth. As a result of this, when completing EAV questionnaires for children, we always enquire about the mother’s amalgam fillings as it is possible that during pregnancy the stresses from this toxin can be transferred to the baby.
It is possible to conduct an EAV diagnostic check on children from as early as 6 weeks old. The acupuncture tests, conducted on the baby’s hands and feet, are entirely painless. Amongst the most common illnesses in babies and small childrens eczema. In up to 50% of cases, this is caused by harmful intestinal bacteria. Candida albicans can often be detected in babies as, after birth, the bowel is sterile and therefore more susceptible than that of schoolchildren or adults. A combination of a weak immune system and intestinal bacteria causes the gut to allow larger food molecules to permeate and in the blood these molecules are registered as alien substances and are, therefore, attacked by anti-bodies. This can later lead to food intolerances, a secondary cause of eczemas, arising. If these food intolerances are not overcome, they can lead to the development of eczema, flatulence, dry eyes and hyperactivity. A combination therapy programme, to remove the cause of a chronic illness, is essential in children. This commences with the re-adjustment of zinc levels to remove mercury from the system. Dosage of zinc supplements are dependent upon the age of the child. Usually, for small children, we prescribe a daily dose of 1-2 tablets of Zincum met. D2-D4. Older children can tolerate low dosage supplements like Zinkorotat 20 (3.4mg. zinc) and Zinkorotat POS (6.7mg. zinc), over a period of months.
In parallel with the basic therapy, Nosoden therapy is applied to detoxify the body and strengthen the immune system. This is supported by the symbiotic relationship of the gut and the gut flora. Food intolerances can be cured using a course of Okoubaka. For children, a daily dose of 3 x 5 globuli is appropriate (the potency commencing at D2 – D4 and rising after six weeks to D4 – D8). Three months later, a follow up test is performed and a further six week course of 1 x 15 globuli of D12 will be prescribed. Using this Okoubaka therapy, 90% of food intolerances can be cured, but notwithstanding, the culprit foods should be avoided for the first four to six weeks.

The combination of symptoms in schoolchildren is highly variable, ranging from fear and nervousness, through lack of concentration and headaches to poor performance at school (lack of motivation), Nocturia and many others. Equally variable is the probability of successful treatment. Success is dependent upon the child’s commitment. The initial EAV test can, depending on the child’s age, take from 10 minutes to 2 hours. After a precise analysis, two further tests follow, the first after three months and the second three months later. Test results and follow ups indicate that approximately 70% of patients are clearly better, or even free of complaints.

Migraine and headache

The source of migraines and headaches can often be traced to stresses in the sinuses or the toxic effects of amalgam or other hazardous substances such as household and other chemicals. An additional cause is intestinal bacteria which requires a detoxification therapy as well as a complementary symbiotic steering process. By testing for and then avoiding "upsetting" foods the bowel can be relieved and the metabolism be allowed to recover. Patients suffering "tension headaches" should have their dentition examined. It is possible for an incorrect "bite" to overstress muscles, leading to pain. Conventional medicine treatment for migraine and headaches usually consists of the prescription of pain killing drugs and the well intentioned advice to avoid certain key factors (known to cause migraine). The therapies offered by Naturopathy for the treatment of migraine and headache, based on precise EAV analysis, demonstrate a higher success rate. The combinations of causes are examined in order to identify and treat all accompanying illnesses and stresses. In the event of the migraine or headaches arising from accumulated toxins such as amalgam or other hazardous substances, a combined therapy programme is recommended. An intensive detoxification programme including Nosodes therapy, Phytotherapeutic – Homeopathic excretion therapy and vitamin and trace element supplementation is prescribed to avoid the possibility of a new occurrence of migraine or headaches. Only rarely is it necessary to conduct an examination of stools.
In cases of relatively mild headaches, an Orthomolecular therapy is sufficient. After testing for deficiencies the appropriate, individual vitamins and trace element levels can be correctly re-established by the prescription of supplements. The metabolism is thus mobilised and the immune system strengthened. In the case of more severe headaches, in addition to the Orthomolecular therapy, herbal and homeopathic remedies can be prescribed to provide a calming and relaxing effect. Since, however, this illness arises from the stresses created by hazardous substances, the excretion therapy with Nosoden needs to be applied in combination with a symbiotic steering process to rehabilitate the bowel system. Organs such as the liver, kidneys, stomach and small intestine are also included in the therapy programme. It is necessary, in some cases, for an examination to identify psychological stresses to be undertaken. A discussion therapy is advisable, because protracted, unsolved and repressed problems can often result in migraine or headaches. In cases of relatively mild headaches, an Orthomolecular therapy is sufficient. After testing for deficiencies the appropriate, individual vitamins and trace element levels can be correctly re-established by the prescription of supplements. The metabolism is thus mobilised and the immune system strengthened. In the case of more severe headaches, in addition to the Orthomolecular therapy, herbal and homeopathic remedies can be prescribed to provide a calming and relaxing effect. Since, however, this illness arises from the stresses created by hazardous substances, the excretion therapy with Nosodes needs to be applied in combination with a symbiotic steering process to rehabilitate the bowel system. Organs such as the liver, kidneys, stomach and small intestine are also included in the therapy programme. It is necessary, in some cases, for an examination to identify psychological stresses to be undertaken. A discussion therapy is advisable, because protracted, unsolved and repressed problems can often result in migraine or headaches.

Multiple Sclerosis / Nerve / restlesss legs syndrome (RLS), the new therapy

Patients suffering MS have, on average, a raised blood mercury level; often twice that of a healthy person. This arises from amalgam poisoning, and the careful removal of all amalgam fillings, followed by a detoxification therapy which can take several months, is recommended. Besides the heavy metal toxins (from amalgam), chemical toxins, viral influences, Intestine- dis symbiosis and many other factors can, when combined badly affect the state of health. Only an uncompromising detoxification and the removal of all the stress factors can help to regress some of the symptoms and, at best, achieve a stability which may last for several years.

Scientific studies have judged EAV very positively, and with it’s vast range of possibilities EAV has proven itself effective, not only in chronic illnesses with multiple, identifiable causes, but also in diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis where the causes are not totally clear. The causes of many, small areas of infection in the brain or spine can be identified using EAV, diagnosed and specifically treated. A substantial improvement in progressive illnesses can be achieved with EAV and additional causes identified within the nervous system. By treating all detected deficiencies with orthomolecular substances and providing Nosoden therapy against subclinical infections, a homeopathic immunisation can be achieved. This is entirely free from side effects and is, therefore, completely acceptable to the patient. Further information can be found at our website at: http://www.naturmednet.de

Fungal diseases, chronic / internal diseases

Fungal infections are often caused by stresses on the immune system and heavy metal contamination. An overproduction of mycotoxin, a poisonous metabolic substance which creates pathogenic fungi in the bowel, weakens the body. Contamination, deficiency of vital substances, bad diet, tissue hyperacidity are the main factors, among many others, which prepare the terrain for the fungus to spread. Local fungal infections are usually detected in the maxillary sinus, stomach, intestines or urinary tract. An increasingly weakened resistance allows the fungus to spread to other organs and become chronically disruptive.
Illnesses created by fungal infection are usually side effects from stresses created by heavy metal and symptomatically resemble heavy metal poisoning. These symptoms can be divided into three groups:

  • Symptoms presenting on the mucous membranes, from chronic sinusitis, bronchitis and asthma, stomach and bowel disorders to abdominal and joint pains.
  • Neurological symptoms including head and/or nerve pains, dizziness, shaking, depression, lack of concentration and hunger attacks.
  • Skin symptoms such as excema, itching etc. The earliest indications are sweating, palpitations, sleep disruption, stomach cramps or flatulence.

TimeWaver or EAV is one of only a few analysis methods capable of identifying the presence of a pathogenic fungal infection. Stool samples are unreliable, the fungus seldom surviving transportation to a laboratory. Blood tests are expensive and can only identify the presence of an infection, somewhere in the system and are thus seldom used.
In the event of a positive result in a fungal EAV test, it is essential to establish whether a heavy metal contamination exists. According to our case studies (Amalgam Studies I and II) bowel fungus, in 90% of cases, is caused by mercury contamination from amalgam tooth fillings.
A combination therapy programme is best suited for the elimination of harmful bowel fungus. The first priority is to avoid anything likely to provoke further contamination from hazardous substances. Deficiencies of vitamins and minerals can be treated with orthomolecular substances to strengthen the immune system and mobilise the metabolism. Following an orthomolecular therapy the body is well prepared to fight off attacks from germs and can be homeopathically immunised by the following Nosoden therapies: Monilia Albicans D6, Aspergillus niger D6, Mucokehl D4. To achieve a thorough cleansing of the bowel, a symbiosis therapy is recommended which needs to be accompanied by a special diet. An important part of the fungus therapy is a soft, anti-fungal diet, low in allergy provoking substances, alkaline and rich in minerals. (Dietary suggestions can be found in Chap. 4.1)
The bowel can also be cleansed of fungi and toxic residues by a course of rather complex hydrocolonic therapy or with a series of enemas. Neither of these is practicable in cases of diarrhoea or bleeding. Alternative possibilities for the treatment of bowel problems and regenerative therapy are also offered by an Ayurvedic medicine. In any event, it important to purge the bowel daily without resort to synthetic laxatives.
As a result of these therapies the fungus loses it’s breeding ground and the body’s tissues can be allowed to recover. This occurs through de-acidification and the regulation of the body’s content of vital substances. Algae products are used to support heavy metal detoxification.


When measuring at the EAV point for the ears’ lymphatic system and at the point for the nervous system, underlying infections from viruses, bacteria or heavy metals are usually found in cases of tinitus. An evaluation of our earliest cases indicated a 51% response to the 3-6 month detoxification programme in long term patients considered by conventional medicine as being no longer treatable.
Other therapeutic options include the Aculife "do it yourself" acupuncture method or several sessions of Hyperthermic treatment (up to 44°C).
In certain, individual cases blood circulation stimulants such as Gingko, Coccutus, Secale and others can help. Schizandra helps if arteries are the problem.

Heavy metal legacies, Mercury, Palladium

Complaints caused by heavy metals, amalgam and palladium can, if left untreated, develop into chronic illness. The list of symptoms associated with heavy metal contamination is long and stretches from allergies, contact eczema and other skin irritations through sinusitis and asthma to chronic headaches, migraines, dizziness, tiredness, lack of concentration, nervousness, fears, insomnia, buzzing in the ears and many more. A heavy metal contamination can be indicated by backache, rheumatism or joint pains and also constipation, flatulence, diarrhoea amongst others.
Amalgam tooth fillings contain 50% mercury. The other 50% is an alloy, in powder form, of pewter, copper, silver and other metals in various proportions. Saliva is an electrolyte (a fluid capable of conducting electricity) and through electrolytic action, the metals in the fillings corrode and the corroded particles are washed into the body. This corrosion is accelerated when a variety of metallic alloys is present in the mouth, amalgam, gold, palladium etc. The careful removal and replacement of the old metal tooth fillings is recommended in order to prevent the latent danger of heavy metal poisoning.

EAV is used to diagnose an intolerance to amalgam and the other heavy metals. The "short" EAV test lasts 45-60 minutes and includes a thorough testing for all tooth metal related damage, the patient’s questions answered and a therapy programme established.

In chronic cases of heavy metal contamination the "large" EAV test is recommended. This consists of an extensive examination and the drafting of an individual therapy usually takes 1.5 – 2 hours. In rare cases a blood test for allergies is carried out in order to compare the EAV results with a lymphosyte transformation test (Melisa - test), as well as a conventional medicine control result.
The therapy consists of an orthomolecular therapy combined with a Nosoden therapy. The orthomolecular substances restore deficiencies, whilst sub-clinical infections are treated through "homeopathic immunisation".

Dry eye syndrome

Our research with 401 patients shows that "Dry Eye" is a chronic illness caused, mainly by gut fungus toxins, allergies, food intolerances or heavy metal contamination. In it’s early stages "Dry Eye" creates increased blinking of the eyes, burning sensations in the eyes, headaches, tiredness, oversensitivity to light, reduced visual acuity, "foam blisters" on the lower eyelid and other symptoms. In an advanced state, it can result in undesirable changes to the cornea.
In addition, other problems such as joint pains or rheumatism might present. Conventional medicine does not offer a cause for this condition. Whilst working in front of monitors, lack of sleep, air-conditioning, ozone levels and cigarette smoke are contributory factors, they are not the cause. In chronic cases of heavy metal contamination the "large" EAV test is recommended. This consists of an extensive examination and the drafting of an individual therapy usually takes 1.5 – 2 hours. In rare cases a blood test for allergies is carried out in order to compare the EAV results with a lymphocyte transformation test (Melisa - test), as well as a conventional medicine control result.
The therapy consists of an orthomolecular therapy combined with a Nosodes therapy. The orthomolecular substances restore deficiencies, whilst sub-clinical infections are treated through "homeopathic immunisation".
Liver problems have to be tested and treated.

The examination methods applied in conventional medicine such as the DMPS test and the epicutan test, are expensive, and like stool examination, blood tests for chemical stresses or food allergies are unreliable in the case of the eyes.
Using EAV, it is possible to test the stress factors on the eyes individually. Conjunctivitis, assuming all the individual causes are identified, can be successfully treated using EAV diagnosis, and a therapy plan with the relevant medication recommendations established. The first step is to activate the metabolism with a specific, individual detoxification therapy. This is accompanied by a treatment to soothe symptoms and produce a beneficial impact on the immune system using the correct Bach flower remedies and appropriate herbal drugs. An anti-fungal diet speeds the healing of "Dry Eye".(Chap.4.1) A herbal course of liver therapy and acupuncture can be used to support the therapy.

We recommend two books on this subject: in German.


The immune system in cancer patients is weakened by areas of chronic disturbance, for example around the sinuses, in the urinary tract or in the bowel. These disturbances are usually caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites. Tooth and gum disease can, over several years, weaken the immune system without displaying painful symptoms and often being only visible by X-ray. The body’s resistance can also be reduced by the presence of heavy metals and toxins in and around the home environment. In many cases, cancer patients display a conspicuous deficiency of the trace elements zinc and selenium and of B and E vitamins.

Both acute and chronic cancer are triggered into developing by the combination of between five and fifteen, individually minor stress factors. Whilst hereditary factors play a small role, the major risk factors include: advancing age, previous damage to the affected organ and carcinogenic (cancer producing) stresses and substances.
The majority of cancer patients suffer from a combination of physical and psychological stresses. There are various decisive factors which lead to the development of cancer.
The patient’s individual ability to deal appropriately with the associated stress is crucially important to the development of cancers and metastases. Substantial improvement is actually possible in those patients possessing good self regulatory abilities. That is those who are able to create a sense of well-being and security for themselves and find positive fulfilment in their lives. A good diet, adequate mobility, strict abstinence from nicotine and alcohol, adequate sleep and relaxation are all health promoting factors, the effects of which can be multiplied when in combination with good self regulation.

Tumor patients who observe these health promoting factors and maintain good self regulation can, after an effective treatment, remain healthy into old age. A study of the psyche of cancer patients undertaken in Heidelberg revealed that an average age of 82 years could be attained. This study, conducted over several years, involved about 33,000 patients, was led by Dr. Dr. Grossarth – Maticek, proffessor of post graduate studies / ECPD showed, with statistical clarity , that Autonomy Training has, in many cases, a positive effect on remission in tumors.

Those tumors which can be successfully and completely removed are normally first treated with conventional medical techniques. Restricting treatment to only Naturopathic therapies would be exceptional. However, in some cases of carcinoma or metasteses which are difficult or impossible to treat with conventional medicine Naturopathy can offer therapy techniques such as ECT or Galvanotherapy and localised Hyperthermic therapy. (Chap. 7.2). The treatment of tumors and metasteses should be supported, for several months, by extensive treatment of the causes and the strengthening of the immune system.

7.2 ECT Therapy (Galvanic therapy, BET 7) for Cancer
Using ECT therapy, cancer and metastases regarded as difficult or barely possible to treat can be partially or wholly regressed. Biochemical differences can be detected and a polarised, electromagnetic field exists around the cells. This polarity needs to be reversed and by so doing the cancer cells can be effectively destroyed. The affected tissue is gently flooded with direct current (DC) to achieve this reversal of polarity, restoring the body’s energy flow to normal, inducing self healing properties and activating the immune system. The direct current therapy is based on various mechanisms: a) through electro-magnetic induction the structures in the cancer cells are destroyed. b) through increased ion acceleration the cell membranes are perforated. c) through electrolytic shift in the pH value cancer tissue is destroyed.
The pH values required for this process are outside the physiological normal:
acidity levels pH2 to pH3 and alkalinity levels pH12 to pH14.

7.3 Localised Hyperthermie Therapy for Pains and Cancers
Localised Hyperthermie Therapy is suitable for the specific treatment of deep seated illnesses like, for example, cancers. The term Hyperthermie derives from ancient Greek and can be translated as "overheating". In this therapy, specific areas of the body or the whole body are heated using a variety of techniques such as radio waves, ultra sound or infra red. There are two forms of localised hyperthermia: the localised region electro-hyperthermia, using high frequency radio waves (13.56 MHz) and regional hyperthermia using a phase regulated multi antenna system.

Localised region electro-hyperthermia using high frequency radio waves (13.56 MHz) is used in cases of illnesses which are restricted to a specific location, for example cancers and their metastases located in brain, lung, abdomen and pelvis. This is also a successful means of treating surgically inoperable brain cancer. During the treatment, only the extra cellular fluid in the cancer cells is heated, the radiated heat denatures the albumen in the cancer cells. The cancer tissue is overheated by the high frequency waves (13.56 MHz) to a temperature of about 42°C to 44°C for a period of 60-90 minutes. The process damages only the malignant cells.

The classic forms of cancer therapy, for example surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy are not really curative measures as they only deal with removing the effect without consideration to the cause. If a cancer is removed without the electro-magnetic field being corrected, there is the latent possibility of relapse or the development of metastases whilst polarisation remains unaltered.

ECT therapy is only effective if the tumorous tissue can be destroyed after 2-3 sittings. The impact of ECT can be increased by an chemotherapeutic injection into the tumor. In 50% of cases a partial remission – a reduction of the tumor to about half of it’s original size, can be achieved. Total remission is also possible with ECT therapy. In such cases, total remission to the point where the tumor is no longer detectable, there is a success rate in the ratio 1:3. For most patients we place the electrodes above and below the location of the cancer, but in some cases platinum needle electrodes are inserted (under local anaesthetic) directly into the cancer to increase the current flow.

Localised regional electro-hyperthermia can be used either as an independent, single therapy or in combination with chemotherapy or radiotherapy. In rare cases, minor side effects can be experienced such as reddening of the skin or tiredness and shortly after treatment light fever attacks are possible, a reaction to the increased mortality of malignant cells. Possible contra-indications must be taken into account, for example, the working frequency of heart pacemakers and pacemaker electrodes can be affected by heating which can result in them failing to properly function. The more complex regional hyperthermia is used to treat deep seated tumors in the pelvis or abdomen by heating whole regions of the body. This is performed using the phase regulated multi antenna system, placed in specific positions around the location of the tumor with the heat output regulated within the precise location. Because of it’s complex guidance and regulation system the whole operation requires careful planning. With the multi antenna system similar contra indications can arise in relation to heart pacemakers, with heat affecting their working frequencies. For patients with prosthetic joint replacements regional hyperthermia can be dangerous as the prosthesis can operate as an antenna which can heat up and result in burns. We have also used localised regional hyperthermia to treat, not only chronic infections of the bronchi and spleen, but for tinnitus and joint pains too. The metabolism is gently and effectively activated and self-healing encouraged.

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