Atherosclerosis Reduction (MIAR Case Report)

German publication 1/ 2013, ZAEN Magazin,

Regression of Atherosclerosis possible by naturopathic means, EAV-testing shows causes - Ultrasound the therapy-responses
The MIAR-casebook about naturopathic diagnosis and therapy shows surprisingly positive results concerning the most frequent illness, Arteriosclerosis.
121 patients with Arteriosclerosis were included in the study since October 2011 – diagnosed by Ultrasound at the first examination with a thickening of the vascular wall of the carotid artery (A. Carotis communis) on one or both sides (intima media >0,8mm, standard value being ideally <0,5mm).
At the follow-examination already 62 patients showed a reduction of Atherosclerosis /Arterioscleritis by Ultrasound.
70 percent of the patients showed an improvement concerning name-obliviousness and power of concentration in addition to an ongoing therapy consisting of herbal medicine, „Nosodes”, the homeopathy vaccination, and micronutrients.
Information and naturopathy lead to an apparent disintegration of scale and inflammation, regression of Atherosclerosis.
Keywords: Atherosclerosis, Atheroscleritis, remission, Intima Media carotid artery, Schisandra, pomegranate, SOD, Vitamin-B-deficiency, Homocystein, Nosoden, name-obliviousness, power of concentration.
Name forgetfulness, impaired concentration and word finding difficulties may be the first signs of an arteriosclerosis that often begins from the age of 40 years.
The typical new patient in a naturopathic practice has often 2-10 diffuse but persistent, chronic symptoms, several specialist doctors could find the cause, the symptoms often cannot be alleviated.
For vascular calcification now there are naturopathic approaches to the frequent misjudgment of the 5- minute mainstream medicine "This is the age, you have to live with that."

Atheroscleritis- atherosclerotic causes
At the beginning there is often a small, limited inflammation with viruses or bacteria in the arterial vessel wall, only in a few sites of the body. The hardening by calcification of the arteries is thus simultaneously a Atherioscleritis, a silent inflammation.
Prof. H. Heine describes entitled "Systemic components of the development of arteriosclerosis" this and the numerous scientific studies on this subject. There are also aerodynamic influences that play a role. "Atherosclerosis as a chronic inflammation" forms the basis, in addition to the "reverse cholesterol transport and Lipid- toxicity" he described in detail. (Lit.8: Geriatrics Journal 2005; 8: 40-60) "Silent inflamation"
The following loads can be measured as antibodies in the blood, but the bacteria are often only residual toxins that do not respond to antibiotics, but very good on nosodes, the special homeopathy vaccination. Enzymes, Colostrum, Boswelia and zinc can become used here generally improving.
The trigger for the arteroscleritis viruses cannot be treated by conventional medicine, except in part by the very expensive immune globulins, so go unnoticed.
Successfully even here is the naturopathic therapy with nosodes, the "homeopathic vaccines" against these microorganisms or their residual toxins.
Most important for the development of atherosclerosis or arteriocleritis are:
  1. Silent Inflammation with Adenoviruses
  2. Chlamydia pneumonia, Chlamydia trachomatis,
  3. Coxackie B4 virus, Cytomegalovirus, EBV, herpes zoster,
  4. Influenza, pneumococcus,
  5. Streptococcinum, hemolytic Streptococcus, Streptococcus viridans.
What MIAR means: Multi-causal Integrative atherosclerosis reduction
Regress vascular calcification is possible through a cause-related combination of several natural remedies: herbal medicine, micronutrients, nosodes, constitutional homoeopathic remedy.
The standardized survey by impaired concentration, lack of concentration, forgetfulness, poor memory and forgetfulness name itself captures the observed symptoms, the necessary standard medication, laboratory abnormalities

Diagnosis was made with the EAV and TimeWaver system for targeted therapy in the areas of Naturopathic Ortho-molecular-nosodes.
In the case studies were the following substances, individually tested, often used:
  • Schizandra 2 - 3 times 1 caps. a day ( fairvital Germany or Hannes Pharma)
  • Nattokinase, MenaQ7 (Vit.K long chain 2), SOD (enzyme of the melon)
  • Pomegranate, olive leaf caps.. garlic, Padma28, alpha-lipoic acid
  • Orthemolekulare deficits: for example Cardivital 3 x 1 (high dose B vitamins to lower homocysteine), flax oil 3 x 2 caps., Selen 200 yg
  • nosodes (Staufen, Spagyra), for example Chlamydia pneumoniae, Streptococcus, general detoxification colon, kidney, liver
In many patients also was started the TimeWaver optimization in mental, emotional, and physical area (heavy metals) by long distance therapy.

Diagnosis of the causes of atherosclerosis
Through targeted search for causes, we test at the acupuncture points with electro-acupuncture according to Voll and TimeWaver, can be assembled from the large number of possibilities a targeted individual therapy.
The summary of the experience with 121 tested patients is the combination that is shown in the summary.
How to measure "laboratory values" physically, at the acupuncture point.
The scientific basis and development of Quantum Physics laboratory value measurements are briefly summarized here.
With over 4000 years of development of acupuncture in China is increasingly used worldwide today. Acupuncture points of the skin may be due to pressure sensitivity information about internal organs and allow a treatment with needles, electrical stimulation or laser light.
Sufficient scientific results is published at the electro-acupuncture according to Voll (3), and in the TimeWaver research method - a quantum physical measurements. Our first scientific studies on the accuracy of diagnostic are successful (5).
The measurement is completely painless for both methods on the acupuncture points by hand.
The scientific basis for the structure and tasks of the Traditional acupuncture point are discovered histological by Prof. Heine and physical-biochemical by U. Warnke:
  • At characteristic points occur the meridians to about 2-3 millimeters at the body surface. Here are acupuncture points.(Meridians see Prof. B. Nordenstroem)
  • During the meridians as anatomical structures are not detectable, the acupuncture points were identified as narrowly defined holes in the superficial body fascia. (The fascia is a thin chord-like skin from muscle tissue.)
Where do we measure?

Acupuncture point, Professor Heine, in "manual regulation medicine" (Handbuch Regulationsmedizin), LM Publisher, Vol. 1
How do we measure the acupuncture point?
U. Warnke: The acupuncture point physicochemical biochemically. (1)
The acupuncture point conveys electromagnetic signals: Decreased electrical impedance by NO and microwave electromagnetic emissions.
EAV measurement: point of the intestine
Dr. Voll added to the Chinese system of acupuncture points the new method electro-acupuncture for a physical measurement of the acupuncture points. The inner organ- systems so can be measured by a quantum physical test for the causes which lead to a particular organ discomfort and disease. The scientific basis for this, I have summarized in the article "40 Years of EAV." (3, 7)

Acupuncture points:
Cardiovascular Meridian, below:
Coronary artery point
Vascular arteries Meridian point (orange, nail fold)

The physical basis of this measurement method TimeWaver represent a quantum leap in communication with consciousness. TimeWaver is the first measurement system, which rests on a coherent physical model and this consistently implemented technically. (11) The basis of the theory of the German physicist Burkhard Heim on the relationship between consciousness and matter, which is not recognized in today's science. According to this model, the user of TimeWaver system communicates with the global information field, the link between consciousness and matter. By reading in this field, material processes can be analyzed, through the write-they can be optimized. The accuracy is between satisfactory to good. (5, 6)

TimeWaver Device
For the patient, the examination is simple and without stress. Testing is done by placing the flat of the hand on the measuring surface of the TimeWavers for about 3-30 minutes. The individual frequencies above 520.000 Query Parameters from hundreds of different areas of databases for soul, mind, body, can be easily used. The databases in which the information to be queried are collected, therefore, form the heart of this system. Important values can be measured even by the usual laboratory values in the blood. It is a screening method for all details of an Illness. New databases on atherosclerosis have been created for it new.

Artery with starting calcification
Sonography Ultrasound testing carotid arteries,
The intima-media thickness, the wall thickness, is the main point of ultrasound measuring. The carotides com. on both sides are examined. As a precaution for heart attack, stroke and circulatory disturbance can be measured at this neck artery the wall thickness in tenths of millimeters her. Improvements of the thickened vessel walls can be documented here. Controls are carried out by 3-12 months. Contrast angiographies are meaningful to other organs, but burdensome and expensive.
Ultrasonic carotid intima- media measurements are the standard to measure of the existing Arteriosclerosis (bifurcation of Art
The thickness of the intima- media layer should not be about 0.08 cm (0.05 cm would be the Ideal) Also for the other arteries carotid artery is relatively good representative.
There are also sometimes isolated points of atherosclerosis as only one artery, renal artery, ophthalmic artery, intestinal artery or a branch of the coronary vessels or in the brain.
The causes are also usually multi-causal. More precise measurements are possible and useful for this purpose.

Ultrasound carotid artery
As a slight improvement in vascular calcification regressions counted by 0.1 and 0.2 mm, from 0.3 mm as a significant regression.
Deterioration did not occur in the 62 patients examined.

More detailed descriptions can be found in the (German) Patient Guide "atherosclerosis regression naturopathic possible" (12)
The following substances were tested individually often used:
  • Schizandra, Wu Wei Zi, 2 - 3 times a day 1 caps. (fairvital or Hannes Pharma)
    Schizandra (Wu Wei Zi)
  • Nattokinase, MenaQ7 (2 Vit.K long chain)
  • SOD (enzyme of the melon)
    SOD superoxide
    dismutase (melon)
  • Pomegranate. Tbl. of olive leaf, garlic, Padma28, alpha-lipoic acid
  • Micronutrients deficits: for example Cardivital 3 x 1 (high dose B vitamins to lower homocysteine), flax oil 3 x 2 Tbl, Nosodes, e.g.
  • Chlamydia pneumoniae, Streptococcus

Schizandra (Wu Wei Zi)
Gives vitality, harmony and health. The universality of Schizandra is already reflected in its Chinese name Wu Wei Zi. The herb of the five tastes: sweet, sour, salty, spicy and bitter - corresponding to the five elements in TCM.
The small red fruit is a star among the beneficial fruits from the Middle Kingdom. It is used thousands of years in Chinese by health client. It is a herb of the highest category: invigorating, stimulating and at the same time balancing, harmonizing.

  • cleans bare the wires, purifies the blood vessels
  • protects the liver, promotes the regeneration of liver cells
  • stimulates the activity of the adrenal
  • helps the body to adapt to stressful situations
  • balancing in poor or restless sleep
  • supports intellectual and sexual stamina and performance

Schizandra (Wu Wei Zi)
Cardiovascular: Studies have shown that Schizandra can clean waste products from the blood vessels and thus tantamount to a life-long pass.
The vascular specialist at the University of Middlesex, Dr Andrew Chevallier reported Schizandra that it contains flavonoids which enhances the health and patency of vessels targeted. A good blood circulation without deposits in the blood vessels is an essential part of our heart and vascular health.
Dr. Michael Rützler, internist and researcher at Cambridge, said: "The vessel cleansing effect of Wu Zi As berry is indisputable, as I have observed in many cases. Plaques and slag built in 10 to 12 weeks from measurable. This ensures that the brain is supplied again to the finest veins of blood and oxygen and can thus constantly regenerate. Schizandra is the No. one in the MIAR- Case Report. Combined Tip: Cardivital, flax oil or omega-3 capsules combine for even more vascular protection.

Pomegranate for regression of atherosclerosis (e.g.:fairvital)
Pomegranate contains ellagic acid, which can protect chromosomes, cells and tissues and can support cardiovascular health. Strong cell protection.
Pomegranate contains ellagic acid, which can protect chromosomes, cells and tissues and can support cardiovascular health. The pomegranate tree is an important crop since ancient times. He is already known in the oldest parts of the Old Testament (the Pentateuch). The pomegranate is said to have 613 seeds, as much as the Old Testament contains laws.
Since ancient times, the pomegranate - shrub bears his same leaves, flowers and fruit - a symbol of divine and human love, but also of immortality.
Nutritional experts today confirm the nutritional significance of the pomegranate.
The pomegranate is an excellent source of potassium, vitamin C and especially large amounts of phytochemicals, such as polyphenols (flavonoids, tannins).
Especially valuable is the polyphenol ellagic acid. Therefore Pomegranates have a high priority in the diet. The Fairvital Pomegranate extract contains 40% ellagic acid. The extract is standardized to this value.
Directions for use: Adults 2 capsules daily over the meals with plenty of water.
Two capsules contain pomegranate: Pomegranate seed 400mg
Pomegranate Extract 100mg, Ellagsäuren 40mg

Case 5: MIAR Case Reports
To document the various differences from patient to patient.
Mrs. Irene B., of O., 52, secretary, normal weight (68 kg /169 cm).
"Massive" impaired concentration from mid-2010, normal blood pressure, no drugs. Hormonal disorder, uterus myom.
The investigation in November 2011 marked arterial load in TimeWaver and EAV test. In ultrasound we found slight atherosclerosis of the carotid arteries (intima-media).
The sub-chronic inflammation caused by chlamydia, Strept.vir., Pneumococci and EBV was treated with nosodes (Staufen), Schizandra 3 x 1 capsule., Pomegranate 2 x 1 capsule, SOD (the enzyme from melon) 1 x 1 capsule., Cardivital 2 x 1 capsule. (Fair vital), flax oil 2 x 1 capsule., 30 mg of zinc and selenium 200yg, 1 x 1 capsule.
In ultrasonic inspection in February 2012 was documented the normalization of the arterial wall to 0.08 (ideal value intima-media 0.05cm) The forgetfulness is slightly improved, developed more self-confidence. She agreed to continue treatment for three months.

Case 6 MIAR Case Reports
Waltraud S. of S., 56 years, Housewife, Weight 101 kg at 170 cm size. Significant difficulty in concentrating when reading texts. Chronic fatigue, nervous overload, lumbar spine syndrome, severe joint pain in hips and feet. She also had low blood pressure, antidepressant for 9 years, mild hot flashes.
The study early December 2012 showed a slightly thickening of the carotid arteries in ultrasound. As chronic inflammation factors for these arterial inflammation with calcification were found Chlamdia trachomatis, Streptococcus and Coxackie B4 virus and heavy metal exposure. Therapy: Schizandra 2 x 1 caps, Pomegranate 2 x 1 capsule, SOD 1 x 1 capsule, alpha-lipoic acid, flax oil 2 x 1 capsule. and further medicaments for joints and kidneys. Being overweight often can be a lack the B vitamins.
In the ultrasonic inspection in late February 2012, the arteries in the neck showed normalized to normal artery wall thickness of 0.08 cm. The concentration disturbance was improved, only slight forgetfulness. But that after a severe infection increased pain in the left ankle and jaw pain.
Continuation of atherosclerosis therapy with SOD 1 x 1, 1 x 1 alpha-lipoic acid, pomegranate and flax oil 1 x 1 2 x 1 capsule. In addition she got Quabain (Strophantus D4 from Sanum- Kehlbeck) and joint medications. No weight loss yet.

Strophantus, Quabain (our favorite for the heart)

Case 7 MIAR case collection
Mr. George H. of A., 45 years, dentist with poor concentration and distractibility and forgetfulness. He also had Gastro-intestinal complaints and chronic. fatigue and throat infection for three months.
Mid-November 2011 ultrasound showed atherosclerosis of the carotid arteries as an indication of incipient calcification in the brain. In the test we found, significant heavy metal pollution and sub-chronic infections (silent inflammation) with hemolytic Streptococcus, Haemophilus Influenzinum and Borrelia (Lyme).
Anti-atherosclerotic therapy with nosodes, Schisandra 2 x1(fairvital), 2 x 1 Cardivital, pomegranate 2x1, 2x1 Omega 3 capsule. End of January 2012 improvement of several symptoms, impaired concentration, improved slightly. The Ultrasound of the carotid arteries in the normalization. The therapy is continued to achieve the ideal values of 0.05 cm of the intima- media thickness: Schizandra 2x1 (fairvital), pomegranate 2x1, also for heavy metal detoxification alpha lipoic 2x1 (fairly vital), zinc and selenium, flax oil, 2x1, Cardivital 2x1, homeopathic adjunct, intestinal symbiotic control, liver medicines.

Case 8 MIAR case collection
Wolfgang S. of F., 74 years, retired since age of 60. Strong concentration problems and slowing for many months, nocturnal urination 3 times per night, blood pressure increase with Homviotensin normal. Strong enlarged prostate with residual urine. Anxiety. The hardening of the arteries of the carotid arteries has been known for years. (50% of the right and left 70% restriction in the ultrasound). The ultrasound examination of these arteries also showed a wall thickening. There were sub-chronic infection with Coxsackie B4, bacterium coli, influenza, and strep throat. The therapy for vascular calcification was performed with Schizandra 3x1, 3x1 Cardivital, flax oil, 2x1, 2x1 pomegranate, the SOD enzyme from the melon and gingko 2x1 2x1. In addition Quabain 3 x 1 tab. (Strophantus D4, Sanum- Kehlbeck) and prostate medication.
The ultrasonic inspection in February 2012 showed an improvement of the left artery and a normalization of the right artery. Despite this significant improvement, only a slight improvement in concentration and anxiety disorder was found. A continuation of the therapy for 6 - 12 Months is therefore necessary.
So far, 121 patients were included in the MIAR-case collection.
In 62 there was a slight or significant regression of atherosclerosis by ultrasound and often a symptom showed improvement in varying degrees.

Arteriosclerosis no longer belongs to the only surgically treatable diseases. On the basis of 20 years of experience with sub-chronic infections in the EAV testing, the measured lack of micronutrients and the herbal medicine as Schizandra, pomegranate and SOD, is a well-tolerated combination therapy. This interim report for up to one year of treatment in the 62 patients showing successful on the long-term prospects for new agents.
Without EAV or other tests I suggest the following simplified scheme before:

  1. Enzymes, Colostrum, Boswelia and zinc can be widely used anti-inflammatory.
  2. Cardivital 3x1 (Deficiency Lowers homocysteine), flax oil, 2x1,
  3. Schizandra 3x1, 2x1 pomegranate, (fairvital)

After three months of therapy exchange with other phytotherapy agents possible.

Schizandra (Wu Wei Zi)